Monday, June 13, 2011

New Government: More good news than bad news

So, Lebanon finally has a new government. First the bad news: for a country that has a Guinness Book of World Records fetish, it is a shame we did not break Belgium's record of number of days without a government.  It would have been a nice complement to our existing records of the biggest Hummus plate, largest glass of wine, world's largest Kibbeh and other significant stuff.

Now for the good news. We have broken the taboo of maintaining the "sectarian balance."  Compare the number of Druze to Shiites to get the picture. This is big stuff! It sets a good precedent.

As an added bonus, this comes with other benefits: 

1. We have ensured that only the best and brightest get into government, regardless of their family background. We have two members of the Karami family, for example.

2. We demonstrated to the world that we do not judge a book by its cover. This is how a party that uses a Swastika in motion as an emblem gets a seat in government.

3. While we did not break Sri Lanka's records of most number of Ministers in Government (52), we certainly broke it on a per capita basis: 52/20,000,000 < 30/4,000,000. Ha! Suck on that Sri Lanka!

4. I also suspect that we broke the world record in the number of ministers who actually lost seats in Parliamentary elections but still got into government. Confirming this suspicion, however, will take more  research than I'm willing to invest.

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