Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishing its adieu, not another au revoir

Good riddance was my first thought at the resignation of Hizbollah’s clowns and their fashion accessories from government.

The past few years have demonstrated that it is impossible to have a functioning government that includes Hizbollah.  In turn, it is also impossible for Hizbollah to function as part of a democracy or quasi-democracy.  Something different needs to happen.

Lebanon’s continuous political failures, in my view, are because we exist as a nation based on a negative proposition. We are stick together, it seems, because we dislike the neighbors more than we dislike one another. We are not a nation because we share common goals and objectives. This is the worst possible premise on which to build a country.

 In an ideal world, we can split up the country into cantons, and let every voter live by the consequences of his or her decision.  Those that like Nasrallah should by all means live under his rule. Those that like Aoun deserve to have him.  The more cantons the better! This should not create a Sunnistan, Roumistan, Marounistan, and Shiitestan. We need several of each.  In my sweetest dreams, Hamra can be carved out as a hangout for Atheists.  Confederations created peace and prosperity elsewhere, and I see no reason why it would not do the same in Lebanon.

Competition is a force for progress.  Let cantons compete, and they will move forward. Forcibly making Lebanon stick together is only making us move to the lowest, and worst, common denominator.

Unfortunately, I think we will stick together. In a few months, we will have most of the idiots that resigned today back in another rotation of cabinet chairs. Nasrallah will still be holding press conferences to wag the same finger he uses to pick his nose.

We will see them again, and all I can think of is the last scene from Dr. Strangelove.

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