Thursday, September 9, 2010

Farewell, March 14

I stopped using 1403 as the pin code for my ATM card this week.

I feel it is pointless to pretend that the March 14 Alliance still exists.  Today, Fares Soueid confirmed that I am right:

“We were not upset with Hariri’s statements, but we are assessing the circumstances that led him to voice such remarks,”

So, basically he is saying that the March 14 Alliance, in which the Prime Minister's party is a cornerstone, had no idea that the PM is about to make a statement turning around a key policy of the last 5 years. Worse still, Soueid is saying that they don't even have an idea of what the PM is thinking!

Clearly, there is no substantive policy discussion within the party alliance. What exactly is the point of the alliance then, and why should we continue to make-believe?

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