Sunday, September 12, 2010


This week's quotables from the Middle East's finest political minds:

"I like to retaliate by burning a book that you Americans hold dear, but the only book you care about is Facebook." - Mahmoud Ahmadinajad

The burning of Korans is "orchestrated by the Zionist regime after being defeated in its efforts against Muslims and the Islamic world." - Iran Foreign Minister Mottaki

No one can use "force or trickery to compel Hizbollah to accept certain facts that would change the course of things" - MP Mohammed Raad

The Internal Security Force is an “illegitimate branch that has no law, kidnaps people for months and spreads rumors about them.” - "Generalissimo" Michel Aoun in reference to the arrest of one of his men who confessed to spying for Israel

“Justice and the truth are important, but the stability of the country is more important.”  Walid Jumblatt, in a statement to Bernard Kouchner reported by Al-Hayat

MP Sami Gemayel deserves "crucifixion on a pole in the Pride and Dignity Square." - Hizbollah website statement

"After all you have done to Syria, Bashar Assad hugged you rather than hanging you to death." -  Jamil Sayyed on Saad Hariri

...and finally, the understatement of the week:

“I understand that Hariri [wants to develop] the best relations with Syria.”  - Dory Chamoun

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