Friday, March 25, 2011

Cancel Al-Dardari talk in London

On March 23, while Syrian security forces were busy killing peaceful protestors, the Arab Bankers Association in London announced this event on its website:

"The Arab Bankers Association would like to invite you to a presentation by HE Mr. Abdullah Al-Dardari, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs in Syria on" Recent Development in the Banking Sector in Syria" on Wednesday 30th of March 2011.
Please find enclosed details for the evening.
For reservation please contact the ABA on:
Zina-                                      020 7659 4889
Houda-                                  020 7659 4892"

Why is the Arab Bankers Association hosting a senior member of Assad's regime at this time? I'm sure this event was planned well before recent events unfolded. But it is not too late for the ABA to avoid displaying the same lack of judgement as Vogue. The ABA can cancel this event.

Please help encourage the ABA to cancel this event by sending an email to either of the two email addresses above. If you are too busy to write an email, you can simply copy and paste the text below:

I am dismayed that the Arab Bankers Association is hosting Deputy Prime Minister Al-Dardari of Syria on 30 March 2011.

Syria is no doubt an interesting destination for business and banking. But Syria is at an important juncture, as its people struggle for freedom. With dozens reported killed by the regime over the past few days, maintaining this event with a senior member of the regime betrays a lack of sensitivity to those who died.

I hope that the ABA will take the courageous step of cancelling this event, which can only bring embarrassment to your association. I also hope that the ABA will host a meaningful event about opportunities in Syria once the regime is changed. Only such an event will bring added value to both Syria’s economy and the Arab banking community in London.

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