Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charbel Nahhas shines again

Readers of this blog know that I have a very low opinion of Charbel Nahhas.

It comes as no surprise to read in today's Daily Star that he seems to be at the vanguard of obstructing the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

"Nahhas told Berri that the [telecommunication] data in Bellemare’s possession was unofficial and did not carry the signature of any telecom company. He said that Bellemare, in his new request to the Telecommunications Ministry, wanted this data to be official and signed according to the rules so that it can be adopted as a legal document at the STL and used as evidence in the draft indictment handed over by Bellemare to pretrial judge Daniel Fransen in January, the sources added.

Following Nahhas’ refusal to cooperate with the UN Investigation Commission, Lebanese security and judicial authorities directly approached the telecom companies which supplied Bellemare with unsigned data, telecommunication sources said. Nahhas rejected Bellemare’s request for signed data, the sources said."

Up until now, and for all his Change and Reform bluster, Nahhas would have be remembered for one achievement: it is his lack of  competence that helped Lebanon attain the world's slowest internet speeds. Now we can add Obstruction of Justice to his list of achievements.

Bravo, Charbel.

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